Special Constructions


special Products

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  • Photovoltaic panels: applied to curtain walls, skylights, double skin facade s , solar control panels, balconies or window railings .
  • Thermal panels: integrated in curtain walls and skylights.
  • Solar control panels: fixed or movable, manual or motorized, made of aluminum, glazing, composites, phenolic panels, etc. The se can be integrated in the outside of the curtain wall, with hidden wiring.
  • Maintenance or decorative footbridges, fixed directly to the outside of the curtain wall or through it.
  • Uniquely designed windows and facades , created for special projects.
  • Composite (for example Alucobond®) ventilated facades that can incorporate stamping and fillings that open a world of opportunities and unique designs.
  • Serigraphy of glazing enables the personalization of each building, controlling the vision, solar factor and aesthetics of the facade, offering limitless solutions.
  • Intelligent double skin facades , with controlled ventilation , programmed curtains, etc.
  • Design of profiles and special construction solutions for specific demands.

We design, build and install all types of special solutions for facades and windows:Gateways maintenance.

  • Complex structures.
  • Closing panoramic elevators.
  • Special glass railings, etc, first ideas, ACRILEX later.