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After more than 25 years since its incorporation, the second generation of the family ACRILEX, still maintains the same principles that drove in their day to your Acrilex-fundador: quality and customer engagement with all members and collaborators company.


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To achieve its objectives, ACRILEX has a fixed template workers, most of them trained in-house and committed to its principles.Art machinery, linked to specific ERP software and first line provide precision, safety and security.
The control of all processes is crucial to ensure a good outcome. In ACRILEX have our own technical department, manufacture and installation itself with its own staff with the help of partner companies approved assembly and always under the supervision of our technicians work.
We have a range of products that covers most of the chances of closing a building, intelligent facades, and generate energy saving, curtain walls,
skylights, aluminum, ventilated facades, sunblinds, facades with solar panels, etc.
We adapt to the characteristics of the work and provide solutions to the skin of the building, based on our technical catalogs or developing new systems and profiles for your project.
Our company is extremely flexible and provides services regardless of the volume of the work, or geographical location, at any lugardel world.