Engineering in light facades

From an idea, from an image or technical premises, we develop the right solutions individually for each project.

We select  the best materials on the market, placing special value on quality, guarantee and competitiveness.

We offer our clients different solutions for the same project, always accompanied by competitive prices.

At ACRILEX we guarantee proper operation of building exteriors, overseeing the accomplishment of all the elements that compose the facade, taking special precaution with the meeting points between different materials, such as for example between ventilated facades   and watertight facades or windows.

There are infinite possibilities for combining materials and technical solutions, all developed specially for unique projects . Mechanized panels,  solar control blades with composites or perhaps with phenolic panels or photovoltaic panels… our experience and implication are at your disposition.



Examples of materials used by ACRILEX in its projects :

  • Curtain walls and skylights:  Schüco, Wicona, in-house systems, curtain walls mixed with steel or wood structures, buttoned, etc.
  • Ventilated facades: Alucobond, Ippon, Larson, Max, Trespa, Euronit, etc.
  • Solar control blades: Straight and curved , vertical and horizontal, fixed and mobile blades, in aluminum, glass, photovoltaic or composite panels, etc. Fitted independently or as second facade s.
  • Windows and doors: Schüco, Technal, in-house systems and systems developed for special applications, fire-resistant, anti-bomb aluminum, bulletproof doors , etc.
  • Watertight facades: Prefabricated smooth or waved sandwich panels .
  • Glazing: Technical solar control, thermal, acoustic and special glazing. Brands: Stopsol, Stopray, Sunstop, Cool-lite, Ariplak, Solarlux, etc.

We have our own technical office which is sometimes special ly supported by collaborations with specialized engineers.

Our wide variety of products and systems, along with the most advanced facilities and machinery, make our clients more competitive and offer better guarantees for their buildings .

A permanent specialist team trained at the company itself guarantees our control of the entire production process, from the initial project to the final assembly, with very little need for outsourcing. Our staff follows a process of continuous formation, at all levels of the company .