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ACRILEX specializes in the study, design and own manufacturing and installation own personal light facades, Skylights and Curtain Walls. The commercial technical department studies eachproject individually, in order to solve the technical challenges and optimize the facade ensuring a smooth running and finishing.
In ACRILEX perform all variants of Curtain Walls, traditional, modular, double-skin and special for specific projects.
Our Skylights gather all necessary measures to ensure sealing and insulation characteristics.They may be self-supporting or support structures include.Our wide range of products and systems, along with the facilities and advanced machinery, enable our customers to be more competitive and offer greater security in their buildings.
A fixed template and made in-house ensures a control of the entire production process, from design to final assembly, with a low rate of outsourcing. Our staff follows a process of continuing education, at all levels of the organization chart.